Top 10 Startup Quotes by Kunal Shah

At firstly What is a Startup ??

“A Startup is a team of entrepreneurial talent developing new innovations, in identifiable and investable form, in progress to validate and capture the value of the created innovation — with ambition to grow fast with scalable business model for maximum impact.”

Now, Who is Kunal Shah ??

People mostly know him as CRED Founder Kunal Shah is among a number of Indian entrepreneurs who have launched new ventures for the second time. An MBA dropout from Mumbai’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Shah had earlier launched ventures such as PaisaBack, FreeCharge and then CRED

Kunal Shah

Let’s Here Top 10 Qoutes From Kunal Shah

2.Investing is a very hard job. It is very easy to be on the other side and say ‘what kind of companies are investors picking’ because in our eyes, our company is the best

3.We often confuse what people want and end up doing our thing, hoping that somebody will pay attention or probably will give us money, but it does not happen because we have not taken the time to understand what they want

4.Writing to 500 venture capitalists, tagging them on Twitter, and sending them emails is not going to get you attention. It is wrong to think people get funded because they pitch

5.The classic mistake I see founders make when they get rejected is to go on social media and talk shit about the companies and founders who have raised money

6.If you were given a choice between product, team, and market, which one would you invest in?

the right starting point would always be the market

7.A venture capitalist is taking risky bets and wants to see your potential — that you are out there to create a very, very large company

8.Funded founders are in the highest amount of stress because people are not giving you money; they are giving you capital to prove yourself

9.The best way to raise funds is where you are introduced by somebody else. True for dating and true for investments

10.Don’t bank on just marketing your idea, build value

Advise carries weight if it comes from somebody who has the experience of having gone through what he is offering his advice on. As Kunal Shah himself gone through Up’s and Down’s …These are his Qoutes(Advices)

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